Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Rosettes in Shadowbox Frame

How cute is this to hang on your wall?! It's super easy and fun too. I made these little rosettes using the Paper Roses template at The Digi Chick. I picked some papers that went with the decor in my house, added them to the template and then printed them out. To make sure the back of the paper was colored as well, I flipped over the paper and then printed on the back side.
Once they were assembled, I dusted them with some glitter and voila! They were done. This project only costed about $4. I bought the shadowbox in plain wood at hobby lobby. I then painted it to my liking and added the flowers. This is now hanging on my wall and when the light hits it, you can really see the glitter glowing!

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Ann said...

That's really cute.