Thursday, October 8, 2009

Light Box!!

I've always wondered how some people got awesome pictures with a white background and awesome detail. After much searching and reading different tutorials this is what I came up with! It's not the prettiest thing but it works! You can read over my favorite tutorial here. I happened to have a box lying around that was the perfect size to make this light box. (perks of being a Sam's Club member!) So how much did this thing cost me? .37 cents! The poster board was the only thing I had to buy. All I did was cut 3 sides of the box out. The two sides and front.

Then I cut the poster board to the correct size so I could fit it from the bottom of the box all the way to the top. I wrapped the remainder of the poster board and taped it to the back to secure it. Now if you have a white t-shirt or tank top lying around go get it! I stole one of my hubby's undershirts and cut it up. I taped a piece of it to either side of the box to allow a little bit of light to show through but to also keep the brightness. Secure them with tape and voila! You have a cheap light box that works magic! If you have a desk light that swivels, you can use that by putting it directly on top of the box so it's shining in from the top.

I usually take my photos during the day because I think sunlight is the best light. I hardly ever use my flash unless I absolutely have to! To get a great picture just hold your camera very steady or use a tripod if you have one. Once you have some pictures you like you can always touch them up in photoshop. I hope this helps! It's super easy, cheap, and works wonders!!!

And here are some pictures I've taken using the lightbox. See the difference it makes?!

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Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

WOWEE! First of all, thank you for showing me your light box. Maybe it's time for me to make one!

Second, those projects are amazing! Seriously! You are so awesome! You make my stuff look GOOD! Thank you!