Monday, August 17, 2009

Primary Acrylic Alpha... for free!

I finally did it!!! I made my OWN acrylic action! It is super fun to mess around with and can get seriously addicting! So, what I've made are these cute little primary color acrylic alphas! The best part is you can get it for FREE! What's the catch you ask? Well, you have to attend the speed scrap I host on this Thursday, the 20th at 11pm Central over at GingerScraps. I know it's late for some of you but if you can make it, you totally should! We have a ton of fun in there and you can get another page scrapped! Hope to see you there!


Angie said...

Theses are great Laura!! I will try to be there, hope you have a great day!

JaneAgain said...

Cool, Laura! I'm going to try to be there!

I'm tagging you..come check out my blog.