Thursday, July 30, 2009

Survivor Week 2 and NEW Designers Corner!

Well, I've been granted immunity since I completed the challenge on Saturday! Whew what a releif! I still had to complete this weeks challenge and it was to pick a LO you liked from week 1 and then scraplift it! I decided to scraplift Her LO was just adorable and I loved the little scenes she created on the side.
Here is hers:

And Mine:

I've decided to start something new here! It's called Designers Corner and I will showcase new designers I see and like! First up is Marni Designs. I had no idea when I scraplifted March's LO that she was a designer at Brownie Scraps. She is fairly new to BS. She has a new kit out today called Sweetness that you should definitely go snag! The color palette is beautiful!! And don't forget to check the BS Blog because there is more information on March and quite possibly a freebie?!? Hmm better go check it out!!!

Here is a preview of her newest kit!


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march_76 said...

Yay! thank you so much for the corner :)